New MP-2 Mandolin Pickup is Available Now

Date: 25.04.2023

KNA is committed to helping acoustic musicians plug in their instruments and be heard everywhere. Continuing the mission to bring quality, natural-sounding pickup solutions to folk instrumentalists, a new mandolin pickup has been added to the brand's lineup.



Getting a natural amplified tone from a mandolin can be challenging, and competing with multiple instruments and finding a balance in a group setting can be demanding. KNA has a great option with the MP-2 low-profile bridge-mounted piezo with volume control.



MP-2 is a detachable and portable piezo pickup for mandolin, engineered and handcrafted by KNA. This innovative design allows an entirely external setup without any modifications to the instrument. The complete installation can be completed within a matter of minutes. Mounting the sensor in the center of the instrument — in the bridge — allows for optimal sound. The amplified tone is balanced, natural, and resonant, providing full frequencies from bass to treble registers of the mandolin.



Featuring a passive design that reproduces the instrument's natural sound, MP-2 operates with no need for a battery. The jack housing is encased in elegant and stylish ebony, and the piezo sensor has a lightweight wooden casing for maximum tonal sensitivity and transmission. Players can control their output signal onstage or in the studio from the convenient pickup-mounted volume knob.



The pickup is compatible with all types of flat-backed mandolins. It's engineered to fit perfectly on A- and F- body styles with adjustable base-and-top style bridges. MP-2 is held in place with adjustable clamps with protective cork at each point of contact to prevent damage to your instrument's finish.



Conveniently accepting a standard 1/4" instrument cable, MP-2 is compatible with any amplifier, audio interface, or PA system that takes an instrument level audio signal.



MP-2 pickups are available now. Contact your preferred shop or online retailer for details.


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