New KNA 7-string nylon pickup adds onboard volume control

Date: 28.06.2021

The seven-string guitar isn't new. It's been around for hundreds of years, but in the relatively recent era, its appeal has broadened beyond a small niche to be frequently seen in the mainstream. From folk to metal, pop to classical, and everything in between, many players have embraced the access to enhanced chord voicings and a wealth of alternate tunings that seven-string guitars offer. 



Merging the features of the popular NG-2 and NG-7S pickups, KNA is pleased to release the NG-2 7S. This latest in the portable piezo pickup line is designed specifically for the extended-range classical guitar. It brings the natural sound of the instrument through to an amplifier, preamp, or mixing console, capturing the nuances that only a seven-string guitar can deliver. With onboard volume control, players can easily manage their output for extra versatility during a performance. 



The passive piezo design makes NG-2 7S easy to use. There's no battery required, so players can count on the same great sound every time they plug in. Like other tie-block mounted pickups in the KNA line, installation is easy. The strings are loosened, and the pickup slides underneath. Tuning the guitar back to pitch with the transducer held on the tie block keeps it in place. Easily portable, players can just loosen the strings to remove the pickup for use on another seven-string guitar or use the instrument acoustically in-between applications where it needs to be plugged in. 



NG-2 7S is available now. See your favorite KNA retailer to get yours.


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