KNA VV-3V offers high-fidelity sound and onboard volume control

Date: 14.06.2021

Amplifying a violin or viola can bring some challenges. Many times, players are in large venues — church auditoriums, concert halls, outdoor stages — and other places with large audiences. Miking the instrument is possible, but a quality pickup will maintain great sound quality as the signal goes to an amp or PA system with fewer complications. VV-3V is the latest update from KNA, offering a streamlined pro-level pickup solution that’s combined the features found on the popular VV-3 and VV-2 models. 



With VV-3V, players can amplify the natural sound of their violin or viola with the freedom to move around that wouldn’t be possible with miking. VV-3V is also a great solution for instrumentalists playing with a band, where drums and guitars may increase the overall volume level.

This portable piezo is also recommended for studio players. The bridge transducer offers an essential sonic addition when combined with a mic. Recording engineers can capture the full spectrum of a violin or viola, from subtle nuances to bold melodic runs. 



Onboard volume control makes it easy for performers to control the pickup output while onstage. Whether it's for dynamics or their monitoring level, managing the instrument’s volume is easily done by the player.   

Many musicians have a favorite instrument they’ve used acoustically for years. Whether it’s vintage, an expensive custom model or they don’t wish to alter the violin or viola that offers the sound they love, modification to install a pickup is often not an option. VV-3V attaches to an instrument with no need for drilling or cutting. Cork-lined, fully adjustable barrel clamps keep the unit safe and stable while attached.

The passive piezo design makes VV-3V easy to use. There's no battery required, so players can count on the same great sound every time they plug in. 



VV3-V is available now. See your favorite KNA retailer to get yours.


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