KNA offers their first active pickup for steel-string acoustic guitars

Date: 19.03.2022

KNA has just added its first active design pickup to its popular and affordable soundhole-mounted series. Taking off from where the HP-1 humbucking pickup started, HP-1A is encased in beautiful mahogany and installs easily into the soundhole of most steel-string guitars. 



Each pickup is handcrafted in Europe and designed to work flawlessly with the player's favorite acoustic amplifier, preamp, or direct into a mixer. HP-1A is crafted for the discerning acoustic player who seeks a warm, clear, and vibrant amplified tone. The added preamplifier delivers noise-free, authentic steel-string guitar sound. 



Like the other soundhole-mounted pickups in the series, HP-1A installs with no modification. The guitarist can simply drop the pickup into the guitar's soundhole, tighten the mounting screws and be ready to play in minutes. 



HP-1A utilizes the power of neodymium magnets to provide a strong, balanced tone, and a 1/8" to 1/4" cable is included for easy connection. 



HP-1A is available now. Contact your preferred shop or online retailer for details. 


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