KNA Goes Wireless With the VV-Wi Violin/Viola Pickup

Date: 20.03.2022

Getting as many acoustic musicians as possible plugged in and sounding great, easily, and affordably has always been the core mission of KNA. Keeping with that idea, KNA has added a wireless model to their popular VV series pickups. This quality, natural-sounding piezo solution will bring the great KNA sound to stages worldwide, with violin and viola players able to move freely without being encumbered by cables.   



KNA VV-Wi uses a sensor that installs easily in the eye of the violin or viola bridge with minimal modification if any is needed at all. The attractive tonewood-encased housing has a soft suede base and protective cork for the lining of the adjustable clamp legs. Detachable and portable, VV-Wi features a built-in UHF transmitter for long-distance wireless connection. The built-in large-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery assures a long-lasting performance, and there’s also an option to plug in a cable if the wireless function is needed. 



The system includes both the transmitter and receiver. After a simple pairing process, the VV-Wi can be plugged and performance-ready in minutes. The included USB charging cable has two Micro-USB ends, so both the transmitter and receiver can be charged simultaneously from a single USB-A port on a computer or charger.  VV-Wi is compatible with any amplifier, audio interface, or PA system that takes a regular wired signal. 



This KNA wireless pickup system for violin and viola is available now. Contact your preferred shop or online retailer for details. 


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