KNA at Music China 2023

Date: 17.10.2023

KNA's participation in Music China 2023 surpassed all expectations, solidifying our presence as a frontrunner in the acoustic pickups industry. The show not only provided a dynamic platform for networking but also resulted in an array of positive outcomes. The enthusiastic response at our booth, flooded with visitors from diverse regions, attested to the success of our product catalog showcase. The international recognition we garnered reflects the unwavering commitment of KNA Pickups to delivering top-tier quality and innovation. 

We could not be prouder and happier to spend time with our partners throughout the world including representatives from China, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Peru, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

Engaging in discussions about new projects and entertaining special requests to develop pickup models for unique folk instruments like Indian Sitar and Veena, Chinese Morin Khuur, Erhu and others, showcased the adaptability and responsiveness of KNA to evolving market demands. This collaborative spirit ensures that our product catalog remains at the forefront of technological advancements. The success of these endeavors marks a significant stride towards a future where KNA Pickups sets new standards in the industry.

The positive energy and friendship witnessed in Shanghai laid the groundwork for a bright future. KNA is poised for continued success and growth, with Music China 2023 serving as a catalyst for further international expansion. As we express our gratitude to Shanghai for its warm hospitality, we eagerly anticipate the next edition in 2024. It promises to be another milestone, affirming KNA Pickups' commitment to excellence and innovation on the global stage. We look forward to shaping the future of acoustic pickups together with our partners and customers worldwide. See you again in 2024!


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