Bouzouki Pickups are Here

Date: 04.05.2022

KNA has always been committed to helping musicians everywhere plug in their instruments and be heard. Continuing the mission to bring quality, natural-sounding pickup solutions to everyone, two new bouzouki pickups have been added to the brand’s extensive lineup. 



Getting a natural amplified tone from a bouzouki can be challenging, as the instruments can have either three or four sets of doubled strings, differences in neck length and width, and varying height and width of the main body. KNA has two great options, designed especially for these unique instruments, that mount at the end of the fingerboard and don't block the bouzouki's soundhole. 



BZ-1 uses neodymium magnets in a passive, single-coil design to bring a signal with a fast, articulate attack and dynamic sound clarity to an amp or mixer. Players get a natural, resonant tone converted to a high-fidelity signal with a smooth, balanced string volume.



A humbucking version with active electronics is the BZ-1A. Using two coils with the power of neodymium magnets, BZ-1A provides a warm, clear, and strong amplified tone with plenty of depth. Its balanced output level between strings offers a slight increase in gain due to the active design. 



Each pickup has the magnetic element encased in laminated birch with an elegant and stylish black cap. The pickup’s lightweight assembly achieves maximum tonal sensitivity. A complete installation set is included, with a single screw mount and a pre-wired output jack.



The BZ-1 and BZ-1A pickups are available now. Contact your preferred shop or online retailer for details. 


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