KNA At Bulgarian Music Workshop 2024

Date: 26.04.2024

On April 20th 2024, music enthusiasts flocked to Joy Station in Sofia for the Bulgarian Music Workshop, a vibrant event boasting plenty of exhibitors. Among the highlights was the notable presence of KNA, drawing significant attention with its innovative pickups and acoustic solutions.

The atmosphere buzzed with positivity as attendees engaged in fruitful business meetings with luthiers and explored the latest musical offerings. Musicians lauded KNA's products, particularly the VV-Wi wireless pickup, which garnered rave reviews for its quality and performance.

Moreover, KNA received numerous requests for pickups tailored for folk instruments, further solidifying its success at the workshop. The event provided a unique opportunity for the public to connect with both the creators and the products firsthand, fostering a deeper appreciation for Bulgarian musical craftsmanship.

With its mission to promote local musical excellence, the workshop showcased Bulgaria's musical prowess on a global scale, reinforcing its competitiveness against international counterparts. KNA's presence exemplified this commitment to excellence, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.


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