About us

At KNA Pickups, we’re dedicated to providing acoustic musicians with natural-sounding, natural-looking means to amplify their instruments. Our mission bridges the traditions of Old World artisans with the innovation of modern musicians we serve. Each of our pickups is handcrafted in Europe using the fine components and tonewoods usually reserved for instruments themselves. 

In our full range of pickup solutions, we offer several designs to assure players get the best sound possible for their application. Our piezo, magnetic, passive, and active pickups offer natural sound reproduction tailored specifically for the tonal and dynamic range of each instrument. We offer universal pickups that will work for nearly any instrument with a flat surface where the transducer can be placed, and popular models for nylon- and steel-string guitar, ukulele, banjo, bouzouki, violin, viola, cello and double bass. Each is crafted to offer the most authentic sound possible, with an easy installation that requires little or no modification to the instrument.  




The KNA story begins with Vladimir Hranov, who conceived and built a prototype bridge-mount pickup for nylon-string guitar.  

As a young boy, Hranov became fascinated by radio and learned to build his own, along with remote control cars and airplanes. He began building and selling guitar pickups in the 1960s. He followed his passion to the Puldin guitar factory, where he learned to make magnetic pickups. He was quickly promoted to lead the electric guitar division.


Vladimir Hranov at MUSIKMESSE Frankfurt in the ‘90s


Pickups manufactured by Vladimir Hranov for the German company GEWA in the ‘90s


The popular, state-run Puldin Company was eventually dissolved. Hranov continued to develop his original ideas, including a series of passive piezoelectric pickups. In 2005, he shared those ideas with Nikolay Iliev, who was the distributor of Kremona musical instruments in North America. 


The early pickups were introduced to the United States, with improved designs and packaging. The line was expanded to accommodate ukulele players, violinists, cellists, and bassists. 


Vlado Hranov acoustic guitar pickup

Vlado Hranov violin/viola pickup


In 2015, Iliev purchased the pickup company and opened a newly retooled production facility in Hranov’s hometown of Plovdiv. Vladimir Hranov remained happily active at KNA as an advisor and senior developer until his passing in 2021. We hope to carry the legacy of Vladimir Hranov and his innovative creations far into the future.


Hand sanding at the workshop

Varnishing by hand at the workshop


KNA makes it easy for musicians to amplify their instruments with little or no modification. Our pickups are crafted by hand with the finest electronics available. Always encased in well-finished tonewood, our pickups distinguish themselves with superior fit, finish and sonic response. We invite you to become part of the KNA story.